Farewell, My Love
Star Ocean II parody, by Wally

Our heroine lives in a beautiful place, surrounded by people who love and respect her. Is she happy? No, because she lost her true love and now her soul is empty. Will she ever be reunited with her beloved?

Just a mockery of your usual angsty "romantic" fic about people who just can't get over their long lost dead love. And... um, well, the ending is... bad. Please forgive me; I couldn't resist. It was just too horrible.

A letter, to the one that I love:

Life continues in Arlia, as it always has, untouched by the pain and the scars of time. This place is truely an idyll, as I have often thought as I roam through its forests and dance in the clearings, and I should be very happy here. I have my family, my friends... I have people who love me. People who would do anything to make me happy... I know this, and I should be grateful.

But... no, my heart is cold and dark, even now, as I wander here through this beautiful village. Not my mother's lovingly prepared meals, nor the kind words of the children can save my heart from the everlasting despair. And I weep, for my soul has grown cold and grey long before its time. I find myself resenting the tenderness of my friends and my family - how can they try to make my horrible life better? how can they try to replace the void in my heart? Why must they torture me with their kindness, as I sit here and know that I should be grateful to them but feeling nothing but pain?

But there is nothing that I can do. Once, I knew what true love was - everlasting, unconditional, kindness and emotion beyond my wildest dreams. Once i was happy with my beloved... but it was torn away from me, as I cried and screamed and begged whatever god watches above us not to do such a cruel thing. Please, god, please don't take my love away from me! My life is useless alone! I have no value if I cannot be by his side... oh, darling, I would sacrifice anything to see you again, I would rip my own beating heart from my chest...

I still remember the first time I saw you, alone in the forest and feeling as if my hart was breaking from the pain of my sad, lonely existance. The world seemed so cruel, so cold, and I was... different. I thought that no one would ever care that way about me, that I would die alone and unloved... but then... you came to me, and offered me your affection, compassion and your unconditional love, love that would not fade no matter what. I knew that day that I had found a true, loving companion, that my heart would never be free again.

We spent so much wonderful time together, from the day we met to the oh-so-painful day that you left me - growing cold, lying next to me, and I held you and wept hot, hot tears but you couldn't hear me. And yes, I had no choice but to stop my tears; my life had grown cold and dark and hopeless, but I had no choice but to carry on. I had my home to consider; I had my family, my friends, my duties that I had to continue to carry out.

But there were so many times, when no one else could hear, when I would put my head in my hands and weep until my soul was empty for a brief, aching moment, and wish that I could throw myself from my window and end my existence. I wanted to be buried beside you. I wanted our spirits to rise together, for us to be eternally linked as one...

And yes, I have met others since then, a number of others, all of whom tried in some small way to take your place in my heart. But... I care for them, but I cannot pretend to love them the way that they deserve to be loved. There is no more life or room in my soul to love another the way that I cared for you. I would sacrifice them all, throw them out of my life forever just for another glimpse of your face, another moment to hear your shouts. That is how much I still love you, darling.

I wish that we could meet again in the forest - I know that this is wrong. I should move on; it is expected of me, and rightfully so. Everyone tells me that I should not live in the past... but it's no use. I want to see you again. I want to run with you in the woods, free as birds, with no leashes to hold us down to this place. Nothing but you and me, forever and ever and ever.

Well, I must go... but before I close this diary, I must write these last few words, I can only hope that I have the strength to write them without my tears overflowing on the page and obscuring them. I must complete this letter to you... it's all that I can do to... to...

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...

O O (teardrops)

I miss you terribly, Teenie-Weenie.

- Rena