By prositen

Maybe life hadn't turned out quite the way she'd expected, Utena mused, and she'd had some difficulties adapting. But it was worth it in the end; worth it for seeing Akio so submissive and worth it for her wonderful children.

She did miss having friends outside the family sphere, but they would never understand. She wouldn't even be able to share stories and pictures of her beautiful children, and she loved them too much to leave them out of her life like that.

Oh, they grew so quickly now, but they'd always need their mommy. One day, they'd be as brilliant and powerful as their father, and she hoped they too would find someone as accomplished as Akio to bring them to their full potential. Just as Akio had been there for her - and as he had for the father of her children.

But until then, she'd be there to change their oil, polish their bright pink hoods and change their tires whenever necessary. After all, that's what mothers do.